I drew a bunch of Bogleech’s fakemon ideas because they’re awesome. I tried to stick to the look and feel of pokemon while also not straying too far from Bogleech’s concepts.

Spipeful- From this post. Name comes from ‘pipe’ and ‘spiteful. Had an idea for an evolved form too, that’s basically a continuation of Bogleech’s idea only attached to a septic tank. Name for that comes from ‘sewage’ and ‘tank’- tank as in the heavily armored sense, not the container sense. Spipeful doesn’t really have the ‘tangled’ thing that Bogleech was originally going for but this simple design really appealed to me. At least it’s got goopy limbs, though.

Mocket- From here. Not too much to say about it, it’s simple and to the point. Name is from Mole and Socket. Not the most original but names don’t always come so easily, man.

Spiren- From here. This one took a bit of finagling. Originally it was much more busty and had an angry expression, but after looking at a few of pokemon’s ‘humanoid’ pokemon, none of them are really all that busty. I mean you’d think Jynx, but she’s really not. So I slimmed ‘her’ down and I changed her expression. As she’s supposed to be under control of her eyestalks, I think this expression fits more. Name was a struggle but a friend helped. Spiral/Siren.

Toxie- From here. Glaucus atlanticus is like my favorite thing. And the favorite thing of everyone who sees it, it seems. I made this pokemon kind of butterfly like because fairies are often shown as being butterfly like. That said, I’m sure it’s poison liquifies your organs or something. Name is really simple- toxic and pixie.

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