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Parody of this.


Parody of this.

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Anonymous sent: Would you ever consider making a ref sheet of your packrat character? This totally not at all obvious who they are anon may kinda wanna draw them sometime

I’ll try making a ref sheet sometime. It should be easy enough to do thanks to the symmetry ruler, so the front/back views would be as easy as… well, half a drawing.

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#Finimun art
Some sort of ‘vent’ art though it’s not venting in that angry way.
I like this character.

Some sort of ‘vent’ art though it’s not venting in that angry way.

I like this character.

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Sometimes when we go out to get chinese food at this local place, we sit in the parking lot waiting for our takeout to be ready. On the power box on the back side of the 7-11 that’s visible from the parking lot, a bunch of teens (or I’m guessing) wrote things in the dirt/grim.

One of these things is “Squidward smells good”.

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#Finimun shut up
#Finimun car

goddamn fucking car

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"oh just wait until you found yourself a nice boy, you will want kids then."


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I think I need to send one or both of my rats to the biological weapon department of the government because I just cleaned their cage and I don’t know how they did it but I’m pretty sure it was a war crime.

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#Finimun car
#Finimun shut up

So. My car is fucked. Went in to have the transmission looked at because my service engine was throwing up a code for a struck TCC switch. Apparently all this time when I’ve been asking people to ‘check my fluids’ they have not been checking the transmission fluids. I wasn’t aware that this was not something people generally did not do. So all this time I thought my fluids were good.

Transmission place did a free check of the transmission and discovered that not only is my transfluid dark brown (meaning burned) and extremely low (they had to pour in three quarts of fluid), but they also found flecks of metal, meaning something in the engine is spitting into the fluid.

It’d cost about two thousand to have it repaired, which is about what I paid to -buy- the car.

Initially they said it’d probably have about a month to go at this point, but after I told them my driving habits, they said it could be three months to a year.

So we’ll see. Either way the whoremobile is as good as dead still kicking but on it’s last legs and I need to start looking into other options.

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Undo the Damage of Sitting

(Technically, this isn’t about saving your hands… but if you draw, you’re probably doing a lot of sitting, so…)

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